Happy Father’s Day

I’m not a father myself, but I realize a good portion of my fans are dads, and as such, I wanted to personally wish you all a “Happy Father’s Day”. If you live in the US, you probably already know the majority of the population believes that, as an atheist, you are incapable of properly raising a child. It’s not without some irony that in general, atheists are less likely to divorce, to be criminals, or to engage in morally reprehensible behavior.

So keep raising godless children, guys. We need more freethinkers in this world!

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    My new son Alex, my third child, arrived home today! I intend to raise him to think for himself. Like us all, he was born, and will remain, an atheist – until religion becomes a persuasive argument of course…

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    Jacob Fortin

    Wow. Congrats Sean. At least you’re well on your way to out-breeding your religious counterpart!

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