Texas Supreme Court gives special rights to religion

According to the Texas Supreme Court (which should be known instead as the ‘Supreme Being’ Court), religious institutions have special status that regular organizations don’t. A small town tried to prevent two church halfway houses from being built due to zoning violations, but as it turns out, the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act essentially makes it almost impossible for any municipality to deny a religious institution from setting up shop wherever they want.

The law was originally intended to prevent religious organizations from having to conform with anti-discrimination laws, as well as certain drug regulations (like the ingestion of peyote for ‘spiritual’ purposes). It’s now come to symbolize everything wrong with laws that supposedly ‘protect’ religious institutions.

How many more special provisions do we need to give these guys? Is being tax exempt, officially recognized, and lauded as paramount to society’s health not enough for these guys? Freedom of religion is also freedom FROM religion. If a town has specific zoning laws, who the hell are these guys to force them to change?

When is Texas finally going to secede from the Union? These guys make your whole country look bad…

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    Ya, leave it to atheists to fight against anything that smacks of helping those less fortunate.

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    That’s the whole point of declaring atheism! Freedom from having to help those less fortunate. You finally got it, man. Thanks for the contribution.

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    While I don’t think that Texas will “succeed” from the union anytime soon, I now have a new potential location to start my peyote cult!

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    Nothing is really worse than the state of Texas.

    I have heard that you can be good if you believe in a god. Seeing preachers on TV asking the elderly to send in their rent checks to “god” so “god” will answer their prayers I don’t think those Christians must be good people. We need pure socialism in the US if we really want to help people.

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    I strongly encourage the Satanists, wiccans, Moonies, and Scientologists to move to Texas and start taking advantage of these laws. Perhaps, then, the fundies will realize why it’s important to have a secular government. I also encourage people to cross god of their money and start writing in whatever it is they do trust in. Do similar things when saying the pledge. The only way to get religionists to stop asking for special privileges for “faith” is to have faiths they don’t agree with demanding the same privileges. Then, I bet they’ll be screaming for the neutrality of secularism.

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