Penn and Teller on the Bible

I decided to add these videos after getting a bunch of questions after my last article. So here is more stuff on the Bible and Jesus..
More Penn and Teller after the jump

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    Atheists – logical, reasonable, source material? You Tube. Pfft!

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    “Atheists – logical, reasonable, source material? You Tube. Pfft!”

    you are right makarios, I’m sure the bible will be both logical and reasonable….

    wait, no, it is neither isnt it? even compared to youtube

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    Makarios please we all invite you bring us your proof. Wait…. Creationists musuems, creation institute you tube videos.

    So what passes for proof for you Mararios. Well research videos with cited sources from many different sources and a variety of evidence…. or a video full of fire and brimstone with only one source….

    Well we can guess. Please actually understand things and refrain from knee jerk reaction.

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    What in the hell does posting a youtube video where the show is discussing the Bible have to do with an Atheists apparent lack of logic and reason? As you are suggesting in your post, Makarios. Please explain that to me?

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