Blow your mind with Scientology

You know what I love about Dianetics? The fact that the cover is an exploding volcano. I take it to imply that they will blow your mind. Just look at the woman talking about relationships; obviously she suffered severe head trauma at one time or another. How else can you explain that she got relationship advice from a science fiction writer?

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    I believe the volcano is part of the Xenu saga isn’t it? Xenu opened up the hangar bays on his intergalactic 747′s and dropped the thetans into volcanoes.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Yeah, and then he blew them up with H-Bombs…but remember, the church denies this story is part of their scripture.

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    Good catch line: “The owner’s manual for the human mind”.
    But usually it’s the manufacturer that issues owner’s manuals.

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