Bigotry is expensive

Have you ever noticed the religious right always uses the word ‘pro’ for things they are vehemently opposed to? When they say ‘pro-life’ for instance, they aren’t claiming ALL life is precious; just embryos. I’ve always joked around how pro-lifers write on both side of their picket signs so after protesting at an abortion clinic, they can head over to the local prison to support capital punishment. I also like how these same people try to use the word ‘pro-marriage’ to mean they are opposed to gays marrying. I would think if you were pro anything, you would want to make sure EVERYONE could marry. That’s rather what ‘pro’ is supposed to mean, you know.

Then again, double-speak is a classic tactic of the right. Say one thing; mean the complete opposite. Here is an article about a ‘pro-marriage’ charity crying foul after their coffers were drained trying to prevent gays from adopting from their service.

The Leeds-based charity, Catholic Care, was recently told it must consider gay couples as potential adopters under the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs), despite its belief that children need a mother and a father.

Now I won’t shit on them too much; after all, they probably do an otherwise fine job of finding parents for kids. But that does not mean their bigoted ideological stance is appropriate. Kids need parents; not just a mom and a dad. Human beings require love and commitment, and there are plenty of homosexual couples who would bend over backwards to adopt (what, I’m not allowed a good gay joke once in a while?). I don’t doubt the love these kids would receive would be grand indeed.

I wish in situations like this everyone could agree to be reasonable, but that’s not always possible when someone holds a bigoted view of you. If the charity refused to let people adopt because they were a different color, would we really be too surprised when they found themselves buried in legal documents? It turns out if you discriminate against people, you get bitch slapped back to the Stone Age. How shocking.

The real losers in this whole affair are the kids. Everyone is so busy trying to defend their ideological viewpoint that they forgot the first mandate is to get children cared for by loving people, not to make a political statement.

On a side note: does anyone think it’s weird that a bunch of celibate guys in dresses condemn homosexuals for living a deviant lifestyle? Just asking…

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    I can’t believe you’d go so far as to speak ill of the blessed, holy vestments.

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    How shocking indeed! I like the idea of doing everything we can to make bigotry even more expensive. Might help to discourage it a bit, and when it comes to anti-atheist bigotry, we have a big job.

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    David H. Burton

    I’m one of those gay couples that adopted (3 brothers at that). You’re right, kids need consistency and a loving family. It doesn’t matter what form that comes in. And there are wonderful single parents and grandparents that are raising children out there as well. Focusing on what is best for children will make all the difference in the world.

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    I’d sure as hell rather see kids going home with gay parents than with bigot parents.

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