Religious wacko facing dismisal sues school district

You can’t keep a good psycho down, apparently. John Freshwater is an eighth grade science teacher who denies evolution, used a high voltage lab tool in class to burn crosses on the arms of students, and told them homosexuals are evil sinners. The district first suspended him after hearing the allegations, and announced last June (yeah, the story isn’t exactly “fresh” here) they were canning him. Now Freshwater is suing them for violating his freedom of speech.

They still haven’t been able to get rid of a guy who clearly violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment by trying to force his religious beliefs in a secular institution. This guy has the balls to then turn around and deny the allegations against him, claiming the school purposefully discriminated against him due to his religious beliefs. Too bad there are a bunch of pictures of burnt flesh to prove him wrong.

First off, he’s in Ohio, so odds are every single board member is a Christian, so I strongly doubt they fired him on purely religious grounds. You can’t burn crosses into students’ arms and then assume getting fired somehow violates your rights. When you work for a public school, there is a code of conduct you must follow, and trying to teach creationism in science class is a big no-no.

I want to know who actually hired him in the first place. I have to assume it’s almost impossible to find any decent science teachers down south, since he somehow passed muster. Here’s my advice to any school administrators: when employing a science teacher, it’s normally a good idea to see where they stand on science. If they have a big Bible in their hands at the interview, odds are there isn’t a lot of valuable information in their heads. I think asking a simple question like “do you believe in evolution” is a pretty simple way to find out just how qualified they are. Don’t you?

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    Infinite Monkey

    Ehhh….that’s kinda religious discrimination. When you boil it right down, what matters is if you can teach it, not your personal feelings on it are.

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    @Infinite Monkey: Not really. Would you hire a math teacher who didn’t believe in subtraction?

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    The Ed Code states that all sides of an issue should be taught in a way that doesn’t reveal the educators belief. While this is very difficult in most situations, it is possible if you stop and think about how your position can influence a young mind. Besides, if you want to teach creationism, or the evils of homosexuality work for a christian school.

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    Reminds me of the South Park episode where Mr Garrison tries to get fired for “being gay” so he can sue the school… He acts as perverted as possible and ends up getting an award.

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    It just sickens me when people like this are allowed to teach. In school, no one will protect a student from a teacher. Students have no rights, and their teachers are their overlords. I swear, if a teacher EVER came at me with a weapon, they’d be mopping blood off the floors.

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