Faith schools in Britain try to defend their existence

When I was a young child, I was sent to a Catholic primary school. It was the only way my parents could ensure that I went to an English institution. The trade off was every day, the teachers would force us to say a morning prayer, and class time was occasionally devoted to learning about Jesus. It was insanely boring and annoying, but I got over it. I already knew how to read and write before I got to class, as my parents had taken it upon themselves to feed my endless curiosity. It may have been part of the reason their indoctrination had little impact; I had by then already made up my mind about the issue of God, and found it wanting.

There are over 7,000 faith schools in Britain, a huge number for an otherwise secular country. Unlike in the US where private schools aren’t publicly funded, these faith institutions receive 85% of their money from the government, something a full two thirds of their population now opposes. Seeing the writing on the wall, they’ve fought back, telling everyone they are a necessary part of a diverse society. Here is a quote from an article that appeared in The Christian Institute:

Most people would accept that parents have a right to educate their children in an ethos of their choosing, however wrong it may seem to others, as long as the law is observed.

I normally don’t take any serious issue with privately funded religious schools. Parents who want to insulate and mentally stifle their children will do so regardless of whether or not these schools actually exist. At least if there is some government involvement, it means we can establish education criteria for them to follow.

But I’m not buying their stupid notion that schools promote diversity. If you’re incapable of sustaining so many schools without government funding, it demonstrates there really aren’t enough ‘diversified’ individuals willing to pay for it. Why should anyone be forced to give their hard earned tax money to religious institutions? These people already get tax breaks. They don’t need our money too.

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    joe botelho

    Of cousre faith based schools are a bad idea but as long as we have them I think that if your paying taxes and you send your children to a faith school you should be allowed to support that school with your hard earned tax money.

    The education system is failing in any school system though. Canada definatly needs to rethink how we teach the next generation i cant comment on britian because i dont know anything about there school boards.

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    However, your not supporting that school.

    You are supporting the faith in that school. It’s the reason you sent them to the school. A perfectly fine resable alternative has been provided to you and refused.

    Now if you want to place your kid in Sunday school, night services, and Church Youth groups. Go at it. The church has already been provided a tax break and you as well for doing so.

    However, why should already strapped education resources be sent to your school and taken from mine because a person believes that there children should not be part of the community. Expecially when the majority of the community would not be allowed to enter the school and use those resources.

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