Hot girl smokes a joint, drinks a Coke, and muses on death

Anytime I think about the afterlife, I’m reminded of the book, The History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters, where one of the characters talks about the eventual monotony of eternal life (I recommend reading the chapter on the excommunication of the woodworm for a good laugh). I can’t imagine how terrible it would be to never die. There is a time when everything, no matter how awesome, begins to lose its luster. I imagine if Heaven was a real place, there would be lots of bored people.

Did I ever mention how attractive this girl is on every level? Smart, pretty, passionate and enjoys a nice joint at 9 in the morning… my kind of girl!

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    Pedobear approves!

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    Damn, European girls. I thought it was only French girls that could do it, but damn.

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    “Let me tell you something, that bird is a slut”
    Hilarious :)
    You and your girls with accents ;)

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    The Christians can have Carrie Prejean… we’re quite content with this one.

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    joe botelho

    Why is it that women like her are never attracted to fat hairy married guys like me?

    Okay ryan i think i can say after posting this video i can stop calling you gay. but jacob the jury is still out on you. “Out” hahaha thats funny.

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