Steve Harvey is a moron

Steve Harvey doesn’t seem to know very much, but it hasn’t stopped him from writing a book trying to tell other people how to live. Here he is on Larry King Live (minus Larry for some reason) admitting he has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. Did we evolve from a “gastreous” [sic] ball? If we evolved, asks Steve, why are there still monkeys?

For a man who doesn’t know these answers, it’s pretty ballsy to call anyone who doesn’t believe in his personal God an idiot. There’s also something very strange about his behavior too; as though he’s pathetically trying to justify his ignorance (and I find Joyce’s response even more hilarious. It’s a free country! You can hate who you want!). Oh, and Steve, if you want to know why monkeys are still around, the simple answer is we didn’t evolve from ‘monkeys’. We just shared a common ancestor roughly 5 to 8 million years ago. Try reading a few books before writing your own next time, buddy.

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    So Steve Harvey’s view is I don’t know about atheist and I don’t want to know. la la la la la I’m not listening. Smart way to stay informed…

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    We have to be more effective in educating the general public about evolution and natural selection. I talk to religious people and non-religious people that have this grave misconception of the theory all the time.

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    Agreed. I had the same conversation with someone two days ago. Although they mentioned apes instead of monkeys. They actually sell T-shirts on Cafe-Press asking why there are still apes. Kind of like a show-your-ignorance shirt, I guess.

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    No, it’s not about evolution specifically. It’s about critical thinking. You don’t have to accept evolution to reject the notion of a deity. Actually that would be a very short-sighted solution to this problem, because the issue isn’t their ignorance of science, it’s that they can’t morally even consider it if it’s in any way contrary to what they know they “should” believe.

    I, for one, think natural science if boring as hell, generally speaking. I don’t get excited over fossils of “the missing link”, or anything like that. I just thought I should mention that to remind people that not all atheists are into science.

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    This is totally embarrassing. Steve Harvey is a grown man, a talented comedian, but he gets all spook-eyed because hasn’t learn one thing about evolution, and has not read one book by an atheist. So therefor he thinks all atheists are idiots. The dumbest justification you can give for your own ignorance is to call some idiotic but then admit that you really don’t know what you’re talking about. We have progressed too far for a popular comedian like Harvey to espouse such non-sense. Brotha, pick up some science and atheist books and read.

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    I cant help it but I think that argument is hilarious. It cracks me up every time.

    Just imagine the level of stupidity this sort of reasoning requires. You just have to be so utterly ignorant on so many levels to think that sentance makes any sense what-so-ever.

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    Steve you don’t know how someone can believe something came from nothing? Here’s a clue: Look in the mirror! Actually your the one that thinks that because you cannot explain where God came from! In your mind he was always there, so you believe God came from nothing! It is completely an “idiot” who expects science to try and dispove something YOU CANNOT PROVE! Let me explain that. You religous folks admit there is no physical proof of God, you just have to have faith. But Science is the only organization trying to explain how things work. Your theory is that “I Can’t prove there is a GOD, but he exists until you DISPROVE there is one”.
    You, sir, are the idiot.

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