Quebec priest gets 18 months for child molestation

It never really stops does it? It seems like every other day, there’s another story involving a priest abusing kids. Luckily, once in a while, the justice system gets involved and someone goes to jail. This week, Paul-Henri Lachance, a Quebec Roman Catholic priest, was found guilty of child molestation and sentenced to 18 months in jail.

I’m still very confused as to why these guys end up serving such small sentences for crimes I consider to be quite serious. Lachance had abused Shirley Christensen for a period spanning three years (from 1979 to 1981), and yet his sentence is only half of that. While I’m happy he’s going to jail, I can’t help but feel the sentence is on the light side. Why are we putting drug dealers away for longer than child molesters? I’m pretty sure the hippie who sells me pot isn’t as big a danger to society as a sicko like Lachance.

I’m hoping this case will bring to light more of the abuses that have undoubtedly happened in this province. If there are two things you can usually count on, it’s the fact child molesters are repeat offenders, and the vast majority of those who are abused never come forward. Like an iceberg, what you see on the surface is deceptively small compared to what is hidden below the murky depths…

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    Look at how old and respected and well-fed those guys are too. they get to live long, happy lives while they destroy these children’s happiness…abuse victims often suffer terribly. PTSD, mental illness, and just fucked-up lives.
    And mr. priest lives fat and happy unless one of these poor bastards comes forward and is believed. Justice?

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    You would think Candian conservative party would be all over harsh penalties for child molesters. Especially since It would be a win for them. I mean what politician would say “no I think child molestation deserves less prison time”?

    That being said, there is no excuse to abuse a child and those who do should be put in a deep dark place.

    It is always interesting to note it’s not the priests who are allowed to marry and have families that abuse kids (not physically anyway).

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    I guess they just hope that the child molesters will have a hard time of it in prison, but I doubt it is ever hard enough!

    [I dont actually believe in punishment, but damned if abuse of kids doesnt start me wondering about whether sometimes that principle could be in error!]

    It is a ridiculosly short sentence for an abhorrnt crime. I suppose we are meant to be grateful the church didnt manage to protect this guy, unlike so many others.


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    18 months is not enough, plus he will be eligible for parole in 9 months.

    But his short stay in jail is guaranteed to be hell, a life-changing experience for a fat pig like Lachance – who probably has led a protected and comfortable life. They probably will have to rpotect him in prison as well,

    I’m from Qu├ębec, I’m old enough to have been taught by priests, clerics and nuns. We were hearing rumors of sexual misconduct – and made terrible jokes about priests, but luckily I was never bothered by anyone.

    However, I can’t account for my parents’ or grand-parents’ generation. That’s when the catholic church had full control of the education system, and was closely associated with political powers. They must have had their hands in as many kid’s pants as they needed…

    No wonder there are now so many old men into child pornography, abused as kids they perpetuate their own mistreatments.

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