Discovery Institute tries to censor YouTube

There are few institutions as corrupt, intellectually dishonest, and morally bankrupt as the Discovery Institute. Their name itself is a tragic irony; there is no ‘discovery’ going on there. All they are interested in doing is attacking the foundations of science in order to get everyone to abandon evolution in favor of creationism. They are heavily funded, ambitious, and as this video shows, without scruples. Everything is fair game to these guys. So we need to push back, and push back hard.

That’s why I’m so angry they are attacking YouTubers who are simply trying to expose them as the ignorant, anti-intellectual organization they are. Other than a website and a popular podcast, all I can do is spread the word. If any of you have some free time on your hands and happen to know the law, give this guy a hand, will ya?

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    Lost Boy

    I’ve saved the video and, should the DI try another false DMCA takedown, will be spreading it amongst friends and posting it at random intervals to keep them on their toes.

    About all I can do right now, apart from Retweeting links to this story…

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    Youtube is crap anyway, man. I cannot stand the comments and entirely unrestrained and immature slurs that anyone from 11-78 throws out there without a care.

    The site needs some major remodeling before I even consider going back.

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