Is your ignorance regular or diet?

If you’ve been living under a rock, or have only recently tuned in to the ‘webs’, you may not be aware of the Creation Museum, a 27 million dollar tribute to ignorance. Over half a million people have been ‘taught’ that the earth is only 6000 years old, and dinosaurs and humans coexisted peacefully in the Garden of Eden. The exhibits involve complex animatronic robots and sophisticated equipment meant to awe and inspire visitors.

The museum itself is perhaps one of the greatest embarrassments in the world. It’s a testament to the fact we are still a long way away from being educated as a populace. It seems some people love religion so much they demand the world fit into the narrow confines of their beliefs. The true purpose of the museum is obvious once the tour nears its end. There patrons become witness to a ‘world without god’, which involves a bored teenager looking at a computer screen, and another watching a TV. Watch out parents, this could be your children!

Now the museum had a corporate partner, and it’s none other than giant Coca-Cola Inc. It seems that the thirsty, uneducated masses that make their way through the museum will be offered their product exclusively. According to the site, they’ve been partnered up with the company for a while now, but they have since made it official.

From a corporate standpoint, I can’t really find too much fault in that one. Coke wasn’t founded by scientific ideologues, and they are in the business of selling a product. At the same time, however, it’s also at our discretion to abandon a product that lends its name to such intellectual dishonesty. If you were a Coke fan, you may want to develop a taste for fruit juice instead; it’s better for you anyways.

So is it fitting that a drink that rots your teeth is a corporate sponsor to a museum that rots your brain? I think so.

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    I always chuckle when the UFC brings out Rich Franklin as their evidence that ‘educated’ people fight as well since he’s a gung-ho god boy who loves creationism. They never seem to mention that in the COUNTDOWN videos.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Don’t get me started about Rich. He’s just another example of how ignorant otherwise smart people can be.

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    I so want to visit this museum. I guess I shouldn’t support them and stuff but seems kinda too golden not to see.

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    Infinite Monkey

    I was working at a retail store, and I saw a guy come in wearing a creationsim museum shirt. I guess it was a souvenier. I wanted to tear him down, but I was on the clock, so I bit my tongue til it bled. Some things are worth losing your job over….a shirt isn’t one of them.

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    Sorry but WTF??? They sell stuff. they will use who ever or what ever it takes to make the profit. I wouldn’t care who you are if you help me make the profit I will sell the product.
    Outside the company then things change, and they are all really stipid theistards.
    Or am I missing a point??? You says they are corporate partners????
    Does that mean Coke gives them money??? If so then I’m glad I stopped drinking a while back because the juice must give you a dose of stupid!!
    As stated above I can see selling it there but giving them money?????
    WHa.Hahahahahahahahahaha. Talk about pounding sand down a rat hole!

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    Seems like a standard exclusivity agreement to me. If you read the article It hardly seems like coke is supporting them. And coke hands out those umbrellas and bins like candy.

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    I JUST quit diet coke and this makes me even happier about it

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    NO! Damn, coke is my cola of choice. :\ Well I’ve been trying to consume less caffeine.

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    scott hall

    Yet one more reason to hate Coke, as if i needed another.

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