History is only a teacher if you listen well

The Holocaust was terrible. It showed us a dark side of humanity we weren’t all willing to believe. It proved any one of us can succumb to cancerous ideologies of hatred and bigotry. I regard all genocide memorials as a warning to the human race: be mindful of messages of hate, for they are usually followed with violence and destruction.

I’m an idealist, so in my mind, the best way to avoid another potential holocaust is to make sure all human beings are properly respected, regardless of creed, race, and sexuality. It’s why I find it so tragic that a New York Holocaust memorial has become yet another victim of the bigoted attitudes of religious Orthodoxy.

Dov Hikind’s mother was in Auschwitz, and he refuses to allow other groups that also suffered at the hands of the Nazis from sharing the memorial.

“These people are not in the same category as Jewish people with regards to the Holocaust,” Hikind said following a press conference at the memorial. “It is so vastly different. You cannot compare political prisoners with Jewish victims.”

Hikind is upset because the memorial wanted to honor the tens of thousands of homosexuals, disabled, and Jehovah’s Witnesses who were also killed. In total 5 million people, who had no connection with Jews at all, were also massacred. It’s not something we tend to hear about very often, and it’s an oversight many are trying to correct.

Much of the attention to the Holocaust has been paid to the Jews, and with good merit; they suffered the most through the ordeal. It does not, however, excuse the behavior of some of their descendants who have decided the memories of other minorities are not ‘in the same category’ as their own. Last time I checked, no one likes getting killed, and the lessons of the Holocaust aren’t only ‘don’t kill the Jews’. I know human history is ripe with genocides (too many to count, really), but we should treat every single death seriously indeed.

Dov Hikind’s rejection of other ethnic groups to the memorial makes me sick. He’s just the latest addition on my growing ‘Wall of Shame‘. You’re a sad man, Dov. Your mother was a victim of crazed ideologues. Do you not think you dishonor her memory by refusing to recognize the tragedy of death simply because some of the victims were gay, or another religion? History is a teacher, but you can only learn from it if you listen closely enough. Otherwise, you find yourself repeating the same patterns, again and again…

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    they still ask for special treatment.
    sonderbehandlung – they complained when they got it.
    this stupidity really makes me sad.
    god punishes by granting their wishes.

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    Alan Hogan

    Well said.

    I suppose this man’s actions, themselves, are another example of the dark side of humanity.

    One wonders if the empathy-lacking Californians who voted for Prop 8 would vote the same after visiting the Museum?

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    The dud is a pure bigot. It aint cuz the aint jews…its cuz there are Homo!!! The holocaust is the holocaust and it is just cuz the Jews had a large number and were very visible that they are the major link. Remember back then Witnesses where a fringe group, Blacks were a minority in Germany, & whoever talks about the abominations!! But if you look at it in terms of percentages, The Homosextuals were really hit much harder then the Jews, what few black there were were also hit hard. Was the killing real?? You Bet!! horrible? You Bet! Do I think it a good thing?? NO WAY!!! Bet you can hear the BUT coming….. But I always thought it odd that the people who escaped complete genocide piss & moan about it when THEY committed COMPLETE-TOTAL genocide TWICE!!!! But their gOd commanded that to be done so its alrrrright.

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    I’m reminded of the Colorado(?) pol some few years back who, when confronted with the fact of the homoholocaust (to coin a phrase) said it wasn’t true and the evil fags were trying to “Besmirch the revered holocaust.” Seriously, he said that.

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    Why are we continually surprised when someone of Jewish stance states what their own faith has stated for thousands of years? This is NOT news people. Most still follow the belief system that they are the ‘chosen people’ of God, and as such also believe themselves to be a ‘higher grade’ of humanity. Don’t forget they have a name for those of us who are outside the realm of Jewishness – ‘Goyim’.

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    Every time I hear the “6 million” number associated with the holocaust, I tell whoever said it they’re missing the other half of the story. This has always been a peeve of mine. True, the Germans hated the Jews above all, but to say “we deserve a memorial and they don’t” represents the true spirit of the holocaust: “My group is better than your group. We deserve more than you.” Sure, they’re not gonna start massacring homosexuals who come to the memorial, but keep the spirit alive and it WILL find a body.

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