Who wants to go book burning?

I’ve heard of some pretty stupid lawsuits in my day, but this one takes the prize as most insulting and intellectually bankrupt. The case involves a number of plaintiffs who are suing a library in Milwaukee for their decision to allow a controversial book to be in the Young Adult section. The book, Baby Be-Bop, is the story of Dirk and his struggle to come to terms with his homosexuality.

The group is suing the Library for $120,000 in emotional damage and scarring. Presumably, the mere presence of the book at the premises made these individuals lose considerable sleep. They are also suing for the right to burn this book in public. What is this, the Middle Ages?

Perhaps the book will offend a few people, but so what? Do they really think their outrage gives them the right to burn books and sue non-profit institutions? We aren’t living in a fascist dictatorship, so hopefully this frivolous lawsuit will end with the members being exposed for the bigoted, anti-intellectual morons they are.

Hey, conservative Christian guys, stop trying to burn books you don’t agree with. Stop trying to tell everyone how to live their lives, and for your God’s sake, can you all just leave the rest of us who don’t buy into your bullshit alone for a while? Find a hobby that doesn’t include burning literature, please. I highly recommend thinking; it seems you’ve neglected this activity. These jerks just made the ‘Wall of Shame‘.

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    Most of what you say is spot on … gotta say though. I really do think book-burning should be constitutionally protected free speech, like flag-burning. Now sure, they’re suing for the right to burn one particular copy of a book … which is pretty stupid. But if they want to get a copy of the book and burn it in the street outside the library, then I think they should be allowed to do so … with a permit, I mean that shit always messes up traffic.

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    Right on Jack…If they buy and burn in PROTEST that is perfectly stupid but OK. If that ever got to trial I would LOVE to be on that jury!!!!!

    They are are amazing…there was a wealth of knowledge in the LIBRARY (alexandria) but they and others managed to burn most of it. When the Theistard took over Rome they managed to distroy most of Roman science…one of the Roman physicians had manage to figure out most of the human body…when the theistards got done with the burning we had to wait to the late 1800s to re-discover the lost information. But thru the middle ages they didn’t have many books so they decided to keep theirs skills sharp by practicing on women. In the 50’s they enjoyed a resurgence witht eh rock&roll record burnings. Yes they are kind, friendly, tolerent, social…got to quit I’m making my self ill.

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    Sigh… *facepalm* humanity. FACE PALM

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    Is it ok to burn religious books? Many atheists burn the Bible, Quran, etc, even making videos of such acts for youtube, but I hear no atheist condemning these acts. However, when some Christian groups want to burn books, suddenly it’s censorship, it’s bad, etc. I don’t defend either group in this respect. It’s just hypocritical that the atheist community is silent when fellow atheists are burning religious texts while condemning some religious groups who want to burn books.

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    A church in my town is planning a burn of the Qu’ran to protest Islam in the upcoming weeks. My question is this: is this free expression of ideas or is this hate? A flag burning might symbolize any number of things the protester is angry about, but a book burning like this targets a particular group of people, Muslims, and symbolizes this particular church’s belief that Islam is “of the Devil.” It’s a hard argument for me, because I stand for the rights of free expression, but hate speech is another matter. The reason this makes me so mad, other than it’s happening in my town, is that no thinking person should ever want to burn a book. Information is more important than a symbol. Burning a flag doesn’t hurt anyone and doesn’t represent hate. Book burning is all about hate and stifling knowledge. I hate intolerance.

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