Should have known this guy had a gay demon…

I’ve seen a lot of exorcisms in my time, but watching this guy move around, I think I can safely say he is indeed possessed by a gay demon. Otherwise, performing such an assault on a human being would be just a gigantic waste of time, effort, energy, and would be intellectually embarrassing.

You can tell how experienced they are too when they break out the paper towel and plastic bag just in time for him to yak. The Lord may work in mysterious ways, but he doesn’t work well enough to remove stains from carpeting.

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    Well isn’t that a suprise, you do what looks like the heimlich on a guy who isn’t choking and he starts throwing up. And they do realise when he’s throwing up in the bag, that most plastic bags have holes in them.

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    Ugggh…. when will people learn!

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