Get out of our faces, religion!

It’s a nice sunny weekend and you’re trying to enjoy the sunlight and fresh air. You’re not at the swankiest of events, but the opening of a new public parking space is about as much excitement as you can get. Everything is peaceful, everybody is happy, and all of a sudden you get hit in the head with a rock.

Now there are very few reasons to throw rocks at anyone. I think we can all agree that apart from perhaps being acceptable during life or death situations, the ‘throwing large rocks intended to crack people’s fragile skulls’ is a pretty dick move. Well, some Orthodox Jews living in Israel apparently think it’s kosher to pelt people with rocks because they feel doing any type of activity on a Saturday (yes, even the grand opening of a parking structure) is in clear defiance of Yahweh. Presumably, the guy can’t seem to defend himself, so he sends his minions after us.

It’s not even as though officials hadn’t taken already precautions to avoid offending religious purists. The municipality had ensured the parking structure would not be operated by any Jews, and no money would be exchanged. That wasn’t enough to stop some of the protesters from hurling used baby diapers at police.

Hey, religious wackos, can you all calm the fuck down and let people enjoy their weekend? Life can suck enough without having your day ruined by a bunch of idiots wearing ridiculous outfits throwing rocks at you. Can you guess why people are starting to get tired of all your bullshit, religion? Get the fuck out of our faces!

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