I love you, Stephen Fry

Can you imagine if a TV host in the US had answered the question “why do people believe in religion” with: “Because they are foolish, ignorant and scared”? I’m sure people would be freaking out instead of actually paying attention to the fact that he’s absolutely right. It is foolish and ignorant to literally trust that the stuff written in the Bible actually happened. How else can you characterize professed belief in a mythological text?

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    Thanks for sharing that video. I am sure that if something like that was said here in the US Bill O’Reilly would be ranting for weeks and weeks.

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    Isn’t it great to live in the most intellictally advanced country??
    Well OK!!!!! We still have great scenery!!!!

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    Stephen Fry is one of the best British actors. It’s a pleasure to listen to him.

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    If you haven’t heard Hitchens and Fry at the Blasphemy Debate, hie thee over there and given it a listen! http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/culturevulture/Blasphemy.mp3

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    As a UK citizen, I am proud of how rational most of our people and many of our institutions are when it comes to religion and its influence.

    When in power, Tony Blair was being interviewed when a question was asked about his faith … Alistair Campbell (government spin doctor) quickly intervenes and says, “We don’t do God”.

    Broadly speaking, in the UK people do not like God in polatics. Nick Clegg (leader of the 3rd biggest political party over here) has publicly expressed his atheism … and it was greeted with a general “so what?”. It was no big deal and he was certainly not demonised for it.

    How electable a US politician would be if they did not “do God” or publicly expressed their atheism?

    We still have out issues (i.e. unelected Bishops sitting in the house of Lords, Faith Schools, etc), but I have to say that overall, I am proud of the way faith is kept in it’s place in the UK and seen as a “personal matter” as opposed to something that all should have forced upon them. The situation is very different from what I see occurring in the USA.

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    I’m proud of the UK too. But then every so often the shit hits the fan.

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    Bastard Soap

    It seems shit has an insatiable sexual attraction for fans.

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    Shaded Spriter

    I dont know why I haven’t seen this clip before but I like it.

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