Getting caught in a lie

When you’re like this woman and want to make a political statement, it’s probably a good idea to make sure your story checks out. She was claiming she wasn’t deceitful in her decision to wear the Burqa at her place of employment, but the fact she did not wear it during her interview (with a man, of all things) proves she knew the administration would not approve. So sorry your religious clothing isn’t allowed. Well, if you still want a job, I might suggest working cleaning nuclear boilers. I recommend you get the lead Burqa for that job, though.

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    I mean come on. You didn’t expect the BBC to ask semi hard questions? They’re not going to just be completely PC about the whole thing. You can almost see the person/coach off camera freaking out trying to tell her how to answer a simple question. Epic Fail!

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    Bastard Soap

    Did you hear the whore????!!!!! She showed a male interviewer her face!!!
    This is just so ridiculous…

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