I know what I want for Christmas!

I finally figured out what I want for Christmas. What could be more exciting than a bunch of shirts with the word “Ex” in front of all kinds of words I find controversial? That’s what the guys at P4CM.com are doing. For 10 dollars, you too can have a shirt with very personal information about yourself. I’m thinking anyone walking around with an ‘ex-homosexual’ and ‘ex-fornicator’ t-shirt is just begging to be proved wrong.

Now, in case you’re wondering how an ‘ex-atheist’ thinks, here’s what they had to say about us:

Many of us would not have said that God did not exist, but we lived as though God did not exist. We lived as though there would be no consequences for our sins. We did whatever pleased us. Thank God though, today we are officially ex-[sic]athiests.

Now I won’t condemn them for misspelling atheist, since I’m not winning any grammar rodeos myself. I will, however, point out their definition of atheism is pretty weak. They weren’t even willing to “say that God did not exist”. Sad really. Sounds more like a bunch of confused Christians in my book. Here’s a tip from the pros: If you really want to be an atheist, you have to completely reject the notion of God. You could call it a requirement, really. Good luck with your shitty t-shirts though.

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    So I guess us atheists are getting rid of the ‘anyone who doesn’t specifically have a belief in god is an atheist’ notion?

    Hmm. :/

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    @Les: I think those people are considered non-theists, although I’m sure many people would still label them atheists (I’m looking at you religious right).

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    I don’t believe most people who say they “used to be” atheists, because they get very fuzzy on the questions. I would be curious to meet an ex-atheist who actually was a real atheist… but I haven’t. Even on forums where they have time to think, they avoid basic questions like– what religion were you raised as? Why did you become an atheist? Did you identify yourself as an atheist publicly or associate with other atheists? Why did you change? How do you justify your current beliefs in light of all the religions and superstitions you reject, etc.? I think these would be fascinating questions to have answered if I ever actually met a real “ex-atheist”… but I’m starting to believe they don’t exist any more than their gods do. I think “ex-atheist” is code for “liars for Jesus”. They never seem like any atheists I know.

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    I have a friend who claims to be an atheist, but is very wishy-washy about actually declaring herself. I asked some of those same questions and she decided to relabel herself as an “apatheist.” (Apathy + Atheist) She doesn’t believe in god and says she really doesn’t care about religion at all, even to study it or deal with it. I’m guessing she’s one of those people who will be born again one day too.

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    Jeffrey J

    From the ‘Ex Hypocrite’ Women shirt description:

    “Getting drunk saturday night and singing in the choir sunday morning. Lil’ Wayne on our ipods while shouting amen during the semon.” (Yes, that is the most unfortunate typo I’ve read in a while)

    Man, I wonder if american apparel knows their shirts are being used to promote things like ‘Ex Porn Addict and Ex Homosexual.’

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