The Good Atheist 065

Welcome back to The Good Atheist Podcast. This week, Ryan and I continue our discussion of the death of Dr. George Tiller and the subsequent media firestorm that erupted. We also talk about the crazy death threats Obama is receiving from many right wing Christians, and how priests are the most dangerous people in the world!

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    That’s a scary fucking video. It really speaks for itself, however I feel it’s this type of exposé (and others like Jesus Camp, Root of all Evil, etc…) that will ultimately be the downfall of these kinds of movements.

    I think they turn more people off than they recruit to the cause. Mainly they exacerbate the craziest, most radical aspects of religious belief and make it painfully obvious why humanity must outgrow religion.

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    I too have thought for awhile that ‘pro-choice’ and ‘pro-life’ are misnomers at best. Although I’m not sure if ‘pro-reality’ is a better one, at least someone is recognizing that these terms are nothing more than straight up appeal-to-emotions which people hide behind.

    Also thanks for the youtube link, I’ll take the money I would’ve spent on renting it and put it in my “Become a Good Atheist Patron” jar.

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    Thanks for the video, very interesting watch. If anyone is interested there’s another great documentary called “Lake Of Fire” who also deals with the abortion issue.

    You can check the trailer here:

    And if you like it the full movie is here:

    It’s online and free, if the video doesn’t play just install the DivX Web Player, it worked for me.

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