This guy thinks atheists are “childish”

Here’s a new argument: we are apparently too silly, and don’t take atheism seriously enough. So, in a nutshell, atheists are both way too uptight according to some, and too frivolous according to others. Have any of these clergymen speaking on atheism spent more than 15 seconds talking to one? Barron is calling us childish and ‘frivolous’ for the ad campaign started by a few organizations in the US, Canada, and Britain. I wasn’t a big fan of them initially, but seeing as these are pissing off Christians, I can’t help but feel they are succeeding.

I’m not going to go into too much name-calling here, since there really is no point. Barron is convinced his religion, Christianity, is somehow much more serious than atheism. I agree. It’s deadly serious. When you take the stories of Noah, Lot, Job, and Abraham at their word, you must invariably conclude Yahweh is not someone you fuck around with. If God was real, I would be worried. Luckily, he isn’t.

Father Barron, I don’t want to insult you, but what makes you believe your claims are less childish than the reasonable stance that the evidence for God is non-existent? The Bible, perhaps? Weak. You may find comfort and even some eloquence in that book, but you cannot suddenly forget this same tome condones slavery, genocide, and incest. Anyone who is neutral on the subject of religion will tell you that when read front to back, the Bible reveals itself to be a disturbing book filled with conflict, terrible deeds, and chilling callousness on the part of this God figure.

Notice the entire time this guy doesn’t even defend the Christian notion of God? Hey Father, you’re making more than a simple claim he exists. You’re also claiming that hundreds of other religions are wrong, and your interpretation is right. You are, in essence, trying to prove two things at once. Even if atheism was wrong, I highly doubt your Jewish God is right. No offense.

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    Infinite Monkey

    First of all, there’s a big jump to say “If there is no god, then life is absurd”. I don’t know how point A is connected to point B.

    Secondly, what makes us more than smart dogs is the knowledge of death. We know the end is coming. We all will die. And that’s why there’s this need for a god and an afterlife. If you’ve noticed, every single religion, abrahamic, ancient, eastern, all deals with life after death, either through reincarnation, or resurrection, or a simple afterlife. This, IMHO, is because we are afraid of death, and religion is our way to deal with it.

    Finally, I’d like to say that the nonexistance of an afterlife makes god absurd, and here’s my logic:

    Life is short
    Afterlife is eternal
    Actions in life determine fate of afterlife
    afterlife is ruled by god
    if there is no afterlife, then there is no god
    Life continues to be short

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    I will grant him that there are people that want more then just money, power, sex…etc.. they’re looking for a deeper meaning to life. But Why does it have to be God and Religion? There are any number of ways people can be fullfilled with there lives, volunteering, parenting, donating, whatever charity cause you can think of, literature, art, theater… Religion is just an easy Cop out.
    “I feel emptyinside. Oh look, I pray to an imaginary being and suddenly my life has meaning. In dont’ know what kind of meaning, but I’m sure it’s meaningful”
    I’ve watched a few evangelist on tv and they always go on about how God, and Jesus, if you let them into your life, they will help you, change you yadda yadda yadda…. but they never give us specifics, they never say how, just vague empty promises that eventually God will show you the way.

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