Hitchens versus Donohue

I love how Bill Donohue’s best argument is that atheists are somehow dogmatic for not believing the claims of Christianity. Yeah, I feel so close minded anytime I dismiss claims made without evidence… There are many Christians out there who are convinced there is a mountain of evidence suggesting their beliefs are true, but in fact, like all other religions, most of it is simply make-believe. That a high profile Catholic like Mother Teresa stopped believing should surprise few; after all, if anyone should have heard the voice of God, it would have been her. The silence must have been deafening.

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    Not sure if you follow this blog but another blogging blasphemer did a short synopsis of the Hitchens talk last night concerning the Dead Sea Scrolls and the 10 commandments. Of course, his talk revolved around the omissions in the commandments slightly more than what was immediately present.


    Videos up on youtube soon apparently. He got rather boisterous towards the end which was nice to see because he is usually so calm. He spoke out against child-fucking which I thought was RATHER moral.

    On another blog we were discussing a quick one-liner that even a theist can understand when they confront you with the idea that atheism is also a religion: Atheism is a religion if bald is a hair colour.

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    My word, I want to punch that guy in the face really badly. He was profoundly disrespectful of Christopher and backed up his assumed superiority with absolutely nothing of any substance or consequence. He was all smiles and English/Irish rivalry jokes.

    I really like how Christopher takes it all in stride, though, maintaining his dignity and scarcely even getting the slightest bit annoyed.

    “You’re a dogmatic atheist, Chris!” His only response is to correct him on which name he prefers? Brilliant.

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