Family Research Council’s video on Tiller, shortly before his murder

Here’s a video made only a month before Tiller’s murder, identifying him again to the public as a menace, and painting him as some sort of monstrous criminal. This is the kind of campaign that gets men like Tiller killed. If you still don’t think there is any connection between the right wing propaganda that’s out there and the murder of abortion doctors, then please visit this link and check out a documentary on the very issue here.

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    There are few people I truly despise in this world, happily Tony Perkins is one of them. The man seems to love is own voice more than anything else. Not to mention the FRC is a wannabe tyrannical regime in the guise of a family values group.

    If I believed in a god I would pray he chokes on a pretzel. But since I don’t I hope he lives long enough to see “christian” values tossed aside like the trash they are.

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