Alberta is now worse than Texas

I don’t like you, Alberta. You aren’t like the other provinces in this country which are generally reasonable. In the rest of Canada, religion and government don’t mix. We generally try to be tolerant, polite, and nice. Now you apparently all want to be cowboys, having gone ahead and passed Bill 44. Congratulations, you have the distinction of being worse than Texas when it comes to education.

How is this even possible you ask? Well, Bill 44 requires that school boards notify parents when ‘controversial’ subjects are being discussed in order to give them the chance to exclude their children from even listening to them. This refers almost exclusively to the two topics most Bible loving Albertans fear the most: Evolution and homosexuality.

Usually nothing ever happens in Canadian politics, so I’m actually shocked this piece of legislature went through. It’s a testament to how terrified parents are their kids might not inherit the same prejudices they have. Can you imagine how scared they must be their children would actually be tolerant of homosexuality, or worse, think human beings are related to chimpanzees?

If evolution is a controversy then so is any major scientific theory. How can anyone graduate high school in this country without learning all living organisms descend from a common ancestor, and species change and adapt themselves to their environment through minute mutations that give them a survival advantage? What are they going to answer on their biology exams: The earth is only six thousand years old? How fucking embarrassingly stupid an answer is that?

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    They’ll be sorry once the oil is gone.

    It’s sad that this was such a major issue. With all the other problems in Alberta I think the time and effort could have been better spent.

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    I live in Alberta; this is ridiculous. The school board opposed it, the opposition parties opposed it, the citizens opposed it… but the Conservatives have all the seats and voted for it unanimously.

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