Tweets of hate for slain abortion doctor

Yesterday I wrote about the murder of Dr. George Tiller, an abortion doctor living in Kansas. Not shortly after his death, the Twittersphere was abuzz with Christians trying to spread the love their Messiah tried so hard to instill in them. Here are a few choice quotes from some ‘good’ Christians:

  • oh HAPPY DAY! Tiller the baby killer is DEAD!- Samantha Pelch
  • George Tiller the Baby Killer shot dead. May he rot in Hell. – Amy Strong
  • Good riddance to Tiller – babies will not be murdered because he is now gone. Wonder how he likes hell! – Jay Emess
  • The person who shot Tiller the baby killer simply excercised a man’s right to choose. – Sami Shamieh
  • the killing of tiller the baby killer was JUSTICE, not murder. – eqbt

Wow, can’t you just feel the love pouring out of these guys? Makes me all weepy inside…

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    Jesus would be proud.

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    Just as the anti-abortionists make known the named of the doctors who perform abortions, we should make known the names of the anti-abortionists. Needless to say, my Twitter will be on fire when Fred Phelps is gone.

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    Everyone should check out that eqbt character. He says pretty ridiculous shit most of the time.

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