Swedish kids are murderous atheists

Remember this video? I didn’t know what their message was, but now it looks like it’s actually a series of ads targeting atheists. Their latest one includes a banner accusing Swedish kids of murdering others for candy. Presumably, the fact they are atheists explains why they would so trivially kill another human. Of course, no one has ever killed another human due to their religion, so all conflicts must be the result of losing faith in a supreme being! Doesn’t that just make you want to suddenly begin believing a 2000 year old Jewish guy, who had the weird habit of cursing fig trees for not giving him fruit, was a God?

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    aig fails. Its easy enough to actually look at the facts such as murder, violent crime, and incarceration rates. It’s interesting how christians say only god can judge anyone, and that they are all about love and the glory of god; but they sure put in a lot of effort to demonize anyone in the world who doesn’t accept their dogma.

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    Hehe, compare the number of violent crimes in Sweden with the ones in the US. I’m Swedish, and have worked at a pre-school here, and hey.. They weren’t killing each other. :)

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    Thought I’d post this:


    I wonder which is the fake one, I’d say probably the one in the blogpost.

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    There is one flaw.

    In the US it is the world of 1984.

    Truth is what they are told and no-one tells them different.

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    Infinite Monkey

    Hmm…I looked it up, and their muder rate is about 2 per 100,000, countrywide average, and ours is about 5.5 per 100,000….must not be a lot of candy in Sweeden.

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    So if I don’t believe in god its ok to kill me because no one cares about me? Harsh,

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    Do these people even pay attention to what their ads say anymore? This can’t actually be for real. Could Creationists really be this stupid?

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    Interesting that AIG should say Sweden is like some kind of a wild west where people get killed for nothing. Luckily in America noone gets shot ever.

    Sweden is one of the best economical and social countries. We should learn from them…

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    ├żundur freyr

    That billboard is fake, they wouldnt use so easily quantifiable terms to point out how evil the godless swedes are.

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    Lee Picton

    What a bunch of hypocritical liars for Jebus! For those of you who don’t know, Sweden is rated the 7th most contented contry in the world; America is 23rd. They have one of the worlds lowest murder rates, one of the lowest crime rates, and one of the lowest unwed pregnancy rates. This is in line with the other contented totally secular countries like Luxemborg, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and most of all, Denmark. Of course these godbots can’t see this becauswe they have their heads so far up their behinds thay have no idea what’s really happening. Yes, that is my real name and I am at mizleeATaolDOTcom.

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