Compelling reasons for abandoning Christianity

I never believed in God, nor was I really taught any of the nonsense of the Bible, or any other religious text for that matter. I am ill equipped, therefore, to fully comprehend how difficult it must be to abandon beliefs that were once deeply cherished. Here’s a great article detailing 20 very good reasons to abandon Christianity if you haven’t already done so. Here are a few highlights:

It is absolutely irrational to continue to believe archaic teaching with the amount of knowledge we’ve gained through science and technology. The Bible reads like a book of primitive folklore, not divinely inspired insight into our true reason for existence.

My main reason for not believing in Christianity is a lot simpler; why would God create such a gigantic universe, then populate an insignificant blue planet on the edges of an unremarkable galaxy only to perpetually torment them with floods, destructive ‘swords of the Lord’ and constant plagues? Are we some kind of stinkin’ ant farm or something? Not an impressive explanation as to the origins of the universe, guys.

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