Nun gets away with murder

Let’s play a little game I like to call ‘would an atheist have the same treatment’. In this scenario, you’re driving down the road in your van and accidentally burn through a red light, smashing a small sedan. A young man, barely 16 years old is killed in the crash. In your day in court, however, no one is even allowed to mention the death of the kid, and during the trial you are allowed to wear prejudicial clothing that influences the jury (like a police uniform). Would you be allowed to get away with this if you were and atheist?

Well, this exact same scenario occurred with a nun in Geneva who ran a red light and killed a kid. The judge allowed her to wear her nun’s uniform, and the prosecution was not allowed to talk about the death of Keith Forbes for feat that it would negatively influence the jury. She wasn’t even charged in his death in the first place.

In the picture above you can see her smiling with 20 of her colleagues after her not-guilty verdict. They are undoubtedly happy the world still gives Christians special treatment. The prosecution had eye witness testimony from other drivers that the nun ran the red light, but because the defense had another nun testifying under oath (of God, her boss!), the jury was able to be swayed into believing an obvious lie.

So long as we give preferential treatments to individuals wearing black robes, we will continue to see these kinds of injustices. I mean, why are there still no priests in jail over in Ireland. You have 2,900 pages of reports of abuse! Arrest somebody, you spineless fucking cowards!

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    That facial expression is the one you’d normally see on someone right before/after they stabbed someone to death. She doesn’t look “normal”.

    And I agree, fuck her, fuck her oath and fuck the testimonies of anyone who tried to help her. If there were eye witnesses to her running the red light, she should get vehicular manslaughter & reckless driving charges … at the least.

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    Jeffrey J

    She looks fucking mental.
    Just when my faith (insert irony here) in humanity couldn’t get any lower, you can always count on religious nutters to knock it down even further.

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    Wow, this is just an outrage. Our country (America) is so judgmental when the whole purpose of this country was to get away from prejudice. I wish we could get an Atheist in a powerful position to actually do something to make it fair.

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    Holy fuck are they ugly!!! no wonder they are nuns…

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    Oh for fuck’s sake!

    This is fucking tragic. The court shouldn’t give a flying fuck about this persons religious views, and she shouldn’t be allowed to wear anything in court that a non-religious person wouldn’t.

    This pisses me off. Fuck her and her buddies.

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    Barry Dick

    What is it going to take for people to drop their fictitious belief…?

    What did the media mean when they were not allowed to mention the death of the teen during the trial, what else did they do during the trial, sit around and pulled out some passages from the Bible?

    And who are the parents? Are they not going to challenge the decision of the ruling, perhaps in fear that God might just smite them… “We loved our son, we have fond memories, we brought him up with good morals and judgment, and he was taken from us brutally without probable cause or reasoning… oh well, god works in mysterious ways.”

    How about this… we put God on trial, summon this great holy piece of shit from where ever he/she/it might exist, and challenge his presumable purpose… I see 3 things that might happen, 1) God Will just push the END IT ALL button, 2) God will be mentally and physically incapable of holding trial, so he’ll be a retard and not held responsible for his actions, or 3) he’ll be all like “hey I’m God, what are you going to about it…”

    God Damn it!

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    I liked the movie better:

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