North Korea tests some nukes underground

With Kim Jong-il getting on in years, it’s difficult to imagine just what is going through his insane little mind. Technically, Korea is still under the command of his deceased father, just to show you the kind of weird shit that goes on over there. Now Kim is claiming they are testing nukes underground, and according to seismologists, this isn’t a bluff.

I’m not usually a fear monger, but this kind of news seriously worries me. Japan is probably not too happy that their violent, psychotic neighbor now has the ability to blow them sky high, especially after all the horrible shit they did in World War II. The population of North Korea is so isolated and indoctrinated it’s doubtful they even really know what the hell is going on over there. We usually have to feed them in order to avoid a gigantic humanitarian disaster, and rather than spend money on infrastructure, Kim is busy trying to grow his military strength. North Korea is a messed up situation, and things just got worse.

Let’s hope Kim doesn’t do something too crazy, but he’s not the kind of man you can predict. To call him a rogue is an understatement. The man is literally a power hungry midget who has convinced his people that he is a god. Things are about to get messy in Asia; just ask China. (thanks dr.death for the picture)

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