A personal look at the abuse in Ireland

Can anyone listen to what this man says and still think the Catholic Church is a saintly organization? Pay close attention to the pain and honesty of this man and tell me that nothing should be done…

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    I couldn’t. That was heart wrenching.

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    Anyone know where you can get the panels response to that? I’d love to hear them try to respond to that without either denying what he said or blaming the church

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    This man is awesome on so many levels.
    So. Many levels.

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    As an Irish citizen, and, as it happens the son of an abuse victim of these bastards – let me tell you that it will make no difference to the culture in this country. There remains in Ireland a deference to the church and i doubt even now, that people are actually linking the abuse with the church, except at a superficial level. It will not be seen as the natural result of a disgusting regime of intolerance and bigotry, but as a few ‘bad apples.’

    The religious orders here have huge control over the education and health system in this country, and our politicians are just as fawning as the rest of the population. For sure, less people go to church now, but everyone confesses to be a practicing Catholic, and it still generates strange looks when i call the pope a bigoted ghoul. Perhaps it will take another couple of generations for Ireland to move on, but we are not ready to go there yet. See the proposed blasphemy law for proof – instead of outrage, we have apathy. Very depressing for those of us living in Ireland that see religion for what it is.

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    What in the world was with that feigned, half-hearted, cloying “applause” at the end of his dialogue? It was insulting. Now, I can’t shake that feeling that someone (a member of the production company) benefited from that moment. Before the applause, I was basking in some intense, pleasant chemicals, the same ones that led me to feel sadness, and loneliness, and they caused my eyes to produce a thin layer of tears. Thin enough that tears didn’t fall, just mussed up my vision a little.

    Also, I am stunned by the beauty of the woman behind him, to his left.

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    Bastard Soap

    I am meerly revolted that the identity of the bastards that did this was protected even after their deaths.

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    As a dual citizen of the US and Ireland and as someone moving to Ireland in a month, it hurts me to see that I am going from one county who’s government bows to religion to another that does the same thing. I think the courage that people like Michael O’Brien show are necessary to change both countries. I am honored by the courage that he showed to do what he did. I don’t know if I could do that. I hope that he doesn’t loose hope and continues to fight for justice.

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