Christian chiropractor fires employee for being an atheist

What is more Christian than discrimination? I wonder. It seems like every day I hear about someone being fired from their jobs, or losing a big promotion simply because their bosses discover they do not believe in God. I don’t normally give my belief (or lack thereof) a second thought, but that’s because I am lucky enough to live in a city where my religious beliefs have never been a contentious issue. Not everyone, unfortunately, is as lucky as I am.

Amanda Donaldson did not benefit from the kind of tolerance I am acclimatized to. She recently got fired by her Christian boss specifically because she is an atheist. After Dr. Scott Dawson read her husband’s atheist blog, he confronted her about the fact she had been identified as not believing in a God. Even though she expressed clearly the fact that her beliefs were private and not related in any way to her job performance, Dr. Dawson became upset that his worker did not believe in his bearded sky god. As a consequence, he gave her the old pink slip, meaning that she lost her medical insurance. This is especially worrisome because Amanda is currently fighting aggressive breast cancer.

Let’s recap here: a Christian boss fired his atheist employee for no other reason than his simple bigotry and intolerance of other world views, and did this knowing full well she was sick and in need of medical treatment. Yep, that’s some of that good old fashioned Christian love for you!

Unfortunately, there isn’t much Amanda can do about this. At this point the best thing everyone can do is help either by contributing to the cost of her treatment, or helping find her another job. There’s no real legal precedent that would allow her to fight this injustice. They’ve already collected over 1k in donations, so if you’re feeling generous, than I suggest giving what you can (no matter how small, it will help!).

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    Who is surprised at this????
    Here in New Hampshire the governor is giving religious people the right to be total bigots. The gay marriage bill as wording in it that will allow religious organizations to just say PluckYew to anyone.
    It not obviously worded that way but if I can see it any good theistard lawyer will be able to. I will bet that after this is signed the xtian orphanage ,taking state money, will refuse someone for adaption because they don’t like them.
    There is NO need for special language in gay marriage bills but the theistard want it as it can be used in other ways. This is the start.

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    Well lets keep in mind this is the USA. This case could be prime ground for a wrongful dismissal suit. And I’m sure someone would be willing to take it on pro bono (I’m looking at you ACLU).

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    Oh man, this really pisses me off, it’s times like these that I wish I could believe in Heaven and Hell, so I could sleep soundly knowing that motherfuckers like Scott Dawson would burn in hell.

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