Shitty priest says he didn’t know child abuse was illegal

Did you ever try to use the old “I didn’t know it was a illegal” defense when caught breaking the law? I’ve never been arrested, but I assume it’s pretty normal some people would try and use this lame excuse in order to avoid doing jail time. There are, however, certain times when this type of defense will do more harm than good. Case in point: retired Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland and his statements that he had no idea child abuse was a crime. Weakland apparently “accepted naively the common view that it was not necessary to worry about the effects on the youngsters: either they would not remember or they would ‘grow out of it.”

This is the same guy who in 2002 paid $450,000 to a man who had accused him of date rape, so his credibility on the issue of child molesting is somewhat hurt by this inconvenience. The fact this monster thinks kids can ‘grow’ out of being sexually abused just demonstrates the kind of willful ignorance and deception that is part of the Catholic Church’s modus operandi. How can the devout keep believing in light of such tragic and despicable representatives? I’ve got news for you: if these guys are closer to divinity than the rest of us, we all need to collectively jump off this religion bandwagon right fucking now. Who’s with me!?

(props to freethinker for the find)

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    WOW, this dickhead is now making a book on how he molested children???
    Fuck what is this world coming too, I think that we should issue a world wide boycott on that shit, its disgusting that he actually molested children and to profit on that shit is truely evil.

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    To be honest I can see the argument as being valid sometimes. Not in this case, or in cases of murder or other “obvious crimes”. I went to school in Sweden for a number of years, and generally we didn’t get any classes in swedish law, so how am I supposed to know what I can do within the law? Should I know the entire law? (That would require me to spend €150 on a big big book.) So, I do consider the argument as being valid, but not i violent crimes.

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    Bastard Soap

    would you consider murdering people like these a crime?

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