Moron thinks missing link isn’t “human enough”

I enjoy reading the Examiner; not because I find the articles inspired or instructive, but because they have a large variety of editorials written by all kinds of ‘believers’. The latest ‘gem’ comes from one Larry Amon, who is the president of a non-profit Christian ministry, and who states, quite boldly, that the missing link is a giant bust. His reasoning: Ida just doesn’t look like a person, and therefore cannot be what scientists claim.

Larry obviously loves his God, and predictably, he isn’t impressed by the fossil. He wonders why it doesn’t look more human, how we can tell how old fossils are, or the process by which scientists determine the similarities in bone structure. The answers are available to him if he bothered to actually look around (start with Wikipedia, Larry, it’s a good start) he’d have his answers. Mr. Amon, however, has opted not to find out, and instead has called the find a total hoax based on what little information he has in his brain.

This article is like magic more than science. These so called scientists think if they act like it is so amazing and obvious that it is the missing link, that everyone will buy it. It’s bad misdirection. I can say, “Look! My dog can talk,” and when you hear him bark you hear nothing. However, if I insist, maybe you will hear something. The fact is, this is how Darwinian science goes. They intimidate and shout and because they are “scientists” and we are rubes therefore, whatever they say must be true.

What bothers him the most is the lemur doesn’t look human enough. How could this tiny monkey possibly be our ancestor? Well Larry, we actually used to be a lot smaller than too, but that’s beside the point: of course the missing link would look a bit odd to you. 47 million years is a long time, and a lot can happen. Just look at us now!

The best thing about the whole article is actually the comment section. Everyone is terribly embarrassed by just how ignorant and stupid he is. Look Larry, if you want to call these kinds of scientific discoveries false, it’s probably a good idea to read a book other than the Bible. That way, you might actually have something relevant to say. Otherwise, just stick with telling people they are going to hell for masturbating…

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