Big Surprise: Colleen Hauser on the lam

Yesterday Ryan and I speculated on whether or not Colleen Hauser, who was ordered to provide chemotherapy for her son Daniel, would flee. Well, it looks like she did, and now authorities have issued a warrant for her arrest. We’re not entirely surprised; we knew the most likely course of events would be her evading police, followed quickly by an arrest and another messy trial. That’s the type of predictable behavior you can expect when dealing with ‘true believers’.

Colleen is confused and unfortunately ignorant; she thinks her religious beliefs give her the right to do what she wants. In reality all of us living in society enter a binding contract with every new life we bring into this world: it is our responsibility to ensure the survival of our children. If we fail in this endeavor, we are held accountable for our action, or inaction.

The state of Minnesota requires parents to provide necessary medical care for their children, and Colleen’s new age religion offers nothing in the way of real actual medicine. Daniel has cancer, and chemo is literally his only hope for survival. The statues are pretty clear on this issue, and wisely so.

It makes me sad to see a person’s ignorant beliefs affect the health of their children. Religion in particular has the filthy habit of making torture, neglect and even murder a casual part of parenting (read the Old Testament if you disagree). Hopefully one day we can all break our horrible superstitions and live like rational human beings in this world.

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    she’s gonna feel pretty fucking stupid when the police pull her over and she has a dead kid in the back of her car.
    Granted that’s hyperbolic , but the point is she’s a moron.

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