The Good Atheist 060

The Good Atheist 060

This week, Ryan and I discuss Charlotte Allen’s controversial Los Angeles Times article on atheism. Also on the show, our take on the case of Daniel Hauser and the court’s decision to force him to undergo chemotherapy. It’s 35 minutes of your 2 favorite crusty atheists!

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    Angela Grace

    I’d like Charlotte Allen (and any religious person for that matter) to tell me why I should take their religious claims and beliefs any more seriously than they take the average Scientologist– say, Tom Cruise,– in this clip:

    To me, all apologetics can be used interchangeably with any “woo” claim–and the same non arguments can be used to prop up beliefs that the believer doesn’t share. Believers want the right to dismiss, deride, mock, etc. all those “other” believers of “other” superstitions, but they want there own beliefs respected because they all believe that believers of their magic story are the most moral and sensible of all.

    The atheist makes believers aware of this hypocrisy. It forces tehm to realize that some people feel the same way towards their sacred beliefs that they feel towards all those “other” crazies. All religions are the equivalent of Scientology to me, and I’d like all believers to be as silent in their beliefs as they wish Scientologists to be. It is no wonder that this discomfiting realization sends them scurrying to find something to dislike about atheists… otherwise, they may have to come to a realization that shatters the delusion they imagine themselves “saved” for “believing in”.

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