Tell me more about these dirty pictures, Marty

I have a simple life philosophy: I generally don’t take sexual advice from puppets. I think it stems from my suspicion that they don’t possess any actual genitalia, and therefore lack the necessary understanding to comprehend the tremendous pleasure and joy they provide. Or maybe it’s because I was raped by a creep marionette. I’m not sure..

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    Always amazes me how the prudish bunch can say any of this type of crap with a straight face.

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    He is an apalling ventriloquist, and yeah that ventriloquist dummy is creepy.

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    And somehow while watching this I couldn’t get that little factoid out of my head that red states consume the most porn…

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    Don’t take sex advice from something that spends its whole life with some guy’s hand up its ass.

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    Bastard Soap

    I think these fucktards forgot about solomon’s boobies song

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