Courts step in, force child to undergo chemotherapy

There’s always a story involving a family that refuses to treat their child for religious reasons. As we speak, one mother is facing charges in the preventable death of a young girl with diabetes, and another family in Minneapolis are being forced to give chemotherapy to their son.

Colleen Hauser believes in a New Age religion called Nemenhah, a kind of glossy ‘Native American’ style cult (founded by a known fraudster). They shun modern medical science and opt instead for a variety of New Age treatments. Colleen’s son has Hodgkin’s lymphoma; a highly treatable form of cancer. She’s repeatedly refused to seek treatment, opting instead to follow the teachings of her faith

The courts in Minneapolis have decided the life and well being of the child are more important than the parents’ religious beliefs. Mrs. Hauser may feel cheated and upset from this decision, which only goes to show how selfish and deluded these people are. They accuse the courts of supporting ‘big government’ interference in their lives. Because of their decision, however, her son Daniel will have a 90% chance to pull through, which is a big improvement over the 0% chance he had with his colonics and vitamin water.

I don’t have a child myself, but you can bet if I did, I wouldn’t put my religious belief over their well being, nor would I force those beliefs onto them. Colleen Hauser may not yet realize it, but the ‘unfair’ decisions of the court have saved her from a life of torment. I doubt her silly religion would have provided the comfort she would need from being responsible for her child’s death. Take a look at this woman to see just how little comfort religion can be in light of such facts.

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