Confused article accuses atheists of being boring and whiny

It seems like every time I read an article about atheism from an obviously religiously motivated individual, I’m always looking for the punchline. We’ve been accused of everything from spoiling everyone’s good time to being overly dramatic, and now in this LA Times article, of being terribly boring. Charlotte Allen is the writer of the book: The Human Christ: The Search for the Historical Jesus. The title should already indicate just how fair and unbiased she must be towards atheism, does it not?

The whole article itself is the typical fanfare we’ve become used to over the past few years: that atheists are making a big deal out of nothing, and that this whole “prosecution” thing is really all in our minds. No one hates atheists, even though this entire article is nothing more than a big middle finger to anyone who has ever had to hide their non belief out of fear of lost job opportunities, family hardships, or simple acceptance from the community.

Charlotte seems as though she’s never actually had a proper debate with a non believer, so I’ll answer some of her basic complaints concerning our refusal to debate the ‘metaphysical’ aspects of God’s existence. She believes the claims made by theologians need to be addressed, such as free will and the problem of evil. She does not seem to understand, however, that the problems of evil, free will and all the religious hoopla is easily solved when one accepts the fact that extraordinary claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. And when the concept of God becomes so broad one can no longer make any meaningful predictions about his existence, the subject now becomes impossible to describe, and therefore not worthy of debate. One might as well try and argue as to the meaning of the ‘perfect dessert’.

I’ve been accused of many things as an atheist, but never of being a bore. I make a living thanks to the fact I’m entertaining, so I really take offense to that statement. What the hell does she know of “‘un’ anyways. Does arguing God exists and he had sex with a virgin to produce a man/god who was later tortured and crucified somehow make you the life of the party or something? I’m sorry we tend to annoy you so much, Charlotte. Obviously you feel as though we are ruining everyone’s good time with our logic, our reason, and our sensible world view. We’ll try to keep it down so the mean atheists won’t hurt your feelings anymore, promise!

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