Open letter to Oprah

If you don’t watch her show or buy her stupid magazine, you might not be aware of the reigning endorsement Oprah is currently giving to her friend, Jenny McCarthy. Jenny used to be hot shit, but then she got preggers and disappeared from the limelight, only to emerge as one of the main anti-vaccination spokespeople. You may recall there are still some unfortunate people who think there is a connection between vaccinations and autism. Only a few weeks ago I tore Jim Carrey a new anus for even trying to pretend he understands the issue. His movies may occasionally be funny, but let’s not forget the painful fact the man is poorly educated.

I could spend all of today writing a scathing letter to Oprah condemning her new endorsement, but luckily this charming and intelligent woman has already done so. I think this letter pretty much sums up how we all feel about her support of bad science (I still remember how much of a big deal she made over The Secret). Here’s a quote from the article:

Surely you must realize that McCarthy is neither a medical professional nor a scientist. And yet she acts as a spokesperson for the anti-vaccination movement, a movement that directly impacts people’s health. Claims that vaccines are unsafe and cause autism have been refuted time after time, but their allure persists in part because of high-profile champions for ignorance like McCarthy. In fact, ten of the thirteen authors of the paper that sparked the modern anti-vaccination movement retracted the explosive conclusions they made due to insufficient evidence. Furthermore, it is now clear that the study’s main author, Andrew Wakefield, falsified data to support these shaky conclusions.

Shaky conclusion? That’s a nice way of saying the guy made a bunch of stupid shit up.

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