The Good Atheist 059

It’s Friday, and what better way to enjoy the weekend than by listening to another edition of The Good Atheist Podcast. This week, Ryan and I talk about politeness in religious debate, a Cardinal in Britain thinks atheists aren’t fully human, as well as discuss the University of Manchester and their attempts to explain how life came about. All of this in a healthy 30 minutes!

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    What is the address to your MMA site?

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    Aerick Duckhugger

    While I would agree being healthy and physically active is a positive thing, I’m a little uncomfortable with your rants that could hint towards hatred of one’s own body and “fat” (staring disapprovingly at “manboobs” in the mall changing room mirror). In some ways being fat can be MORE healthy than being skinny skinny knobble-knees!

    Sure we should aim for good health, but spending one’s fleeting existence obsessing over dieting and exercise and hating the fact that they’re fat (especially when their family is genetically of the heavier make up)… that shit is NOT positive atheist living!

    Living life in a pleasurable way and enjoying and accepting one’s fatty frame can be a very positive part of living life as a happy and healthy atheist. Just as skepticism can be leveled at religion, it can be also leveled at the shrill dieting industry that seeks to slim everyone up!

    Trying to eat healthy and live healthy is great! But trying to become “slim and fit” when you’re genetically from a heavier family is a sure ticket to a kind of endless hell on earth of dieting, struggling, and hating your own body!

    I’d urge all atheists to love your body, no matter what your weight is!

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