Ray Comfort is annoying and wrong

I feel sympathy for Scott, who tries his best to explain to Ray that a building or a painting are bad analogies to use when trying to prove something as intangible as God. Ray does the familiar shtick of trying to dumbfound Scott in order to slip in his ‘God in the Gaps’ bullshit. The question I always find the most insulting is Ray’s tactic of asking a person if they have ever stolen something in their lives. Sure, we all have, but stealing something once does not make you a thief, the same way fighting off a kitchen fire doesn’t make you a Fireman. Comfort is so used to throwing labels around he doesn’t even realize how poor an argument that really is. As for his statement that someone’s opinion does not affect reality, he’s absolutely right: objective reality doesn’t change simply because some poor delusional people believe the supernatural. Regardless of what Ray and his ilk believe, the Earth will continue to rotate around the sun long after this upright ape species dies off.

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    Ugh, I pop in and read his “Atheist Central” blog from time to time and I’m of the opinion that he isn’t just ignorant but willfully ignorant. Good rebuttals are layed out for him all the time; he merely ignores them and carries on as though no one had a reply to his argument. I don’t understand why anybody acknowledges him. In this video he is trying to prove a man is wrong by using brain-teasers. His strategy just strengthens my non-belief in gods be seeing how horrible the arguments for the other side are. His analogy of god to the sun makes no sense at all. We physically feel heat from the sun and get sun-burnt, if you stare at the sun you can be blinded from it. In short the properties of the sun can be directly measured. Now compare that to what he says about god; his existance is obvious unless you’re a fool. Then he cuts off Scott to point to some birds.

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    Here’s my question, what’s with the stache and hair?

    Seriously though, the guy is a nut bag.

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    Richard Feinburg

    I get a headache when listening to Ray but I do have one question. Who made God if everything had a maker?

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    Why does he spend so much time beating away at “creation proves there’s a creator”? Even if that was convincing, I’ve never seen him offer any arguments about why he thinks that creator is the Christian god.

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    Ugh, nothing makes me angrier than a Ray Comfort video.

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    Bastard Soap

    Willfully ignorant…don’t all christian activists need to be willfully ignorant? If they weren’t their retarded confidence would have been shaken long ago.

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