Jesus and his blood money

According to this guy, everyone owes Jesus a shitload of money. He did ‘buy us back’ from the Devil after all…Also, did anyone get creeped out when the kid yells back “he shed his blood for us!” when asked the kind of currency necessary for such a transaction. What kind of psycho thinks that sadistic bullshit is appropriate for kids?

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    Exceptionally disturbing

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    Do the kids really need to advertise that they’re all tools?

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    Does anyone know what this is from? (So I can make it my mission to kill it)

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    Bastard Soap

    So when god is sending people to hell he is just returning defective goods, presumably to buy one of those horrendous talking donuts.

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    Adam H

    They showed us this shit back in christian school. Now I’m a godless homosexual, I guess it wasn’t all that bad. ;)

    Really though it was.

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    Wow, just wow.

    I really want to make an intelligent comment on this video but I simply don’t know what to say. Despite this, I am so utterly disturbed and shocked I felt compelled to say at least that much.


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