Stupid things smart Christians believe

Here’s an article dealing with the ‘stupid’ things Christians sometimes believe will affect their faith. Pastor Osborne claims too many of his parishioners were complaining about having a bad life despite their Christian status. This often leads them, he says, to have a spiritual meltdown when they realize having faith does not protect them from harm anymore than unbelievers.

Now it’s nice of Osborne to tell everyone the truth here, but it sounds to me if you follow a religion’s rules, pray like a madman, and still get royally screwed over, it might be time to call it quits on their whole religion business. After all, they do claim your life will be improved by believing, and if that’s just not the case, then logically you can determine those making these claims are full of shit. Nothing too surprising about that, no?

Osborne takes the practical approach to faith. He says you shouldn’t expect God to lift one finger to help you, but rather your faith is essentially a lottery ticket you’ll be able to cash out when you die.

They all lived by faith “yet their faith didn’t fix anything,” Osborne points out. What faith does promise, however, is forgiveness and the gift of eternal life.

Yeah, I’m not convinced this God of yours who apparently offers no special protection or services to mankind will suddenly appear in the 11th hour and whisk me away to that big ‘House Party’ in the sky. How about I don’t waste my life pretending to understand what this confusing entity wants from me and instead live my own life the way I see fit. At least if I screw up, it’ll be my own fault!

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    ‘They all lived by faith “yet their faith didn’t fix anything,”

    So faith is basically a waste of time.
    Took them 2000 years to figure it out

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    Bastard Soap

    They still did not figure that out o.o

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    You think they would have learned their lesson when they found out Santa didn’t exist either…

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    “At least if I screw up, it’ll be my own fault!”

    But I think that’s a large part of the issue… when people screw up, they don’t want to take blame for their own choices. They want to be able to fob it off on someone else, in this case God – with the excuse that “He” had other plans for them and “He” has a good reason (really, he does!) for making their lives utter shit.

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