More stupidity from the Creation Museum

The Creation Museum apparently has a petting zoo, and one of the animals they have is a zonkey (usually referred to as a zebra mule). This creature is quite obviously infertile, but despite the fact the obvious conclusion as to why a zonkey cannot produce offspring should be that they are too genetically different to do so, the brilliant minds at the museum actually think this is evidence of creationism. They actually believes this proves all Equidae must have originated from the ones on Noah’s Ark.

The real reason zonkeys are infertile is because of the fact donkeys and zebras have a different number of chromosomes, a testament to the fact that although they share the same genus, they are not of the same species. This genus extends as far back as 54 million years ago, not six thousand as creationists would have anyone believe.

If donkeys and zebras had only split off from one another by less than 10,000 years, they would be able to create fertile offspring, since that is but a blip in evolutionary time. The fact they cannot is just another testament to the mountain of evidence supporting evolution. It’s frustrating to read their childish and brutally retarded statements that the zonkey ‘proves’ the creation myth. Can everyone stop giving these morons money, please?

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    Sadly for them, good atheist come to the faith based conclusion that it’s not in their own best interest to reproduce, thus in effect that species also goes sterile.

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