Mormons don’t like this cartoon

Before I read the book Under the Banner of Heaven, I had assumed, as most do, Mormonism was not significantly different from Christianity. This is largely because since the beginning of the 20th century, the LDS Church has worked hard to suppress or eliminate any evidence of the weirdness of their beliefs. They sell themselves on the fact they are an American religion, but there is no denying Joseph Smith was a known conman who had an appetite for both power and young women. Individual believers are typically friendly and jovial, and it’s hard to find any fault in their belief that family is important. There is, however, something to be said for their ridiculously racist claims that God cursed all non believers with dark skin. It’s not something they will easily admit to, but until the 1970s, there were no ‘colored’ Mormons, and for good reason. Since then the LDS church has spent a great deal of time erasing any evidence of past sins, but one only has to read the unabridged source material to see the real truth behind their friendly facade.

Also, did anyone noticed how sly ‘Elohim’ was when he knocked on Mary’s door for a celestial booty call? Now that’s a smooth operator.

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