More exorcisms gone wrong

I wish everyone just stopped trying to exorcise demons out of people. It’s an obviously very dangerous, and utterly pointless thing to do. Of course, you can’t seem to get superstitious ignoramuses to sit and listen to reason. Now it looks like ten people will soon be going to jail over the death of Janet Moses, a New Zealand woman who drowned during one of these stupid curse-lifting ceremonies. The troop includes friends and family members, although their names have been suppressed for now.

Moses died from drowning as they poured water down her throat, presumably to drown the evil spirit or something equally stupid. Now the 22 year old is dead, and everyone is facing serious manslaughter charges. It turns out they had to hold her down while she struggled to live, and that very fact is going to make this an open and shut case. I wonder if the judge will throw the book at them. I hope he does.

We need to make an example out of these people. Superstition has no business in our modern society. If people feel depressed or angry because of the death of a loved one, the solution is not to carry on dangerous and pointless exorcism rituals; it’s to give people time to grieve, and let time heal all wounds. Speaking of time, I bet thoseĀ  idiots will have lots of it to re-evaluate the wisdom of their actions while trying to prevent evil demons from entering their anuses.

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    OK I am heartless…..Mean….& an asshole…so don’t bother to state the obvious. This IS a bad thing BUT…
    She was 22 YEARS OLD!!!! If She was not forced into this but cooperated because she acknowledged the demon then she is also an idiot who has won a darwin award in that she was just as ignorant and thankfully removed herself from the gene pool. So accidental manslaughter is OK.

    BUT if they forced this on her because they did not like her behavior then they did not accidentally kill her …. THEY MURDERED her!!!
    They don’t want me on the jury. As these are the only two considerations-went along with this or was forced.

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    Barry Dick


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    The 14 year old that they also did it to (and who, by all accounts, survived by mere chance) cannnot, however, be said to have made an adult decision.

    I also hope they throw the book, particularly as those accused have been very energetic in pursuing name suppression. I wouldn’t count on it though – there’ll be ‘cultural’ arguments.

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    I could imagine these folks will attempt to claim “religious immunity”.

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    You speak as such because you have never seen, nor felt the presence of the demonic.

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    Demonic presences are very real and you need to stop complaining because if it was the persons own decision then there is no calling it murder and also think of the emotional punishment they are already going through because they have just been apart of the death of somebody they once held dear. You should not be so closed minded, try to see from all points of view, try to understand what they were thinking and feeling at those times. To truely understand something you must be able to think and feel from all angles. When you can do that THEN and only then can you blog about your point of views on anything.

    To determine whether or not a book is good you must read from cover to cover and understand the whole story.

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    This is murder. If the only way to get rid of “demons” is to come close to killing someone, then this just proves the evils of religion. As if the crusades weren’t bad enough, religious followers are still killing in the name of their god in the modern day. What’s our world coming to?!

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    The two worst offenders in this case recieved 300 hours comunity work and one years supervision,the others recieved 150 hour comunity jail for anyone!her 14y old cousin also had her eyes gouged and had water poored down her neck util she passed out,all this with 40 family and friends watching on!

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    How stupid are u !!!!! Yeah it might of been wrong practice for them to do dat to the point she passed buy how retarded can u be .. do u know what happens to a possesed person fuken retard so ur saying just let the bitch stay possesed! ! Da fuk are u talking about n ur saying just cuz they didn’t let the demons dwell within this shit happened no it happened cuz the exorcist wasn’t well at his practice n they did things wrong if the would of left her possesed she would still have died!! So dnt try n flip shit arounf if u dnt believe. In god atleast havr respect for him even the devil does fuken idiot!!!

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