Jesus Camp in 9 minutes

If you’ve never seen Jesus Camp, here is a YouTube video with all the really crazy parts condensed into 9 minutes. I love the clapping kids when that gigantic woman says Harry Potter would have been stoned to death if he was living in the time of Jesus. Also scary is the guy who asks “How many of you would gladly give up your life for Jesus?”

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    Christian camps for kids always brings me in mind of the Hitler Youth.
    They get turned out all shiny and happy clappy but ready like rotweilers to turn on anyone who gets in their way.

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    Since I can’t see the video on my little blackberry, I assume its the original Jesus Camp documentary. I personally would love to see where these kids are today.

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    Wow, like Roxanne i’d like to know where these kids are too

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    Bastard Soap

    They’re probably fucking up education in some retarded bear fucked place

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    Barry Dick

    After 4 mins of that, I felt shivers going down my back… What people don’t realize is that we’re the adults in this world. We make up the rules, and we choose who and what we believe in and what is right for each and everyone of us… But that was just sick!

    The emotion that these kids put forth, just goes to show how much pain and suffering they have to endure in there very short lives, to “swallow” the very idea as having to saved, and to always do the right thing, because some invisible force is out there, and it needs us to save us from our selves, to someday fight the great war/battle of Good versus Evil. Like Come On!

    Yes, granted we are here, without reason, without understanding of Why or How. And who knows, maybe it is free will, or maybe its just circumstance… But when you force your ideas on to another human being to the affect that it starts affecting their very nature of being human, who’s really more evil? And why does a “God” need us to fight evil… Its the very definition and nature of a “God”. To be the ultimate force; The Creator and the Destroyer!

    This is Brainwashing, and there is nothing different from what were allowing to be done to kids like these, and to say those in the Middle East to be “trained” and “willing” to give up there very lives to rid this world of “infidels”… That is just a short list of my thoughts and feelings of why I’m an Atheist.

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    Yes, that is brainwashing and mental child abuse to the highest degree!

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