Alberta is run by morons

I can’t beat around the bush when it comes to Alberta and their education policy: moronic is too kind a word, but I’m working on toning down my swearing. Their government is proposing a new bill allowing parents to pull their children from discussions of evolution or homosexuality in public schools, and it’s expected to pass. Parents who want their children to be sheltered from evolutionary fact, or from sexual identity issues will now have the freedom to restrict their education. Alberta has taken a giant step towards becoming Arkansas.

Despite what some very polite Christians may be telling you, this is quite clearly the result of the war on science and homosexuality their precious religion is bent on fighting. I don’t find it at all surprising religious conservatives are using their political power to force their beliefs on us. What I find surprising is how easily they are getting away with this garbage. Do we have no one with the balls to tell these morons to take a hike? Are we going to let them pull their ‘be tolerant of our views’ bullshit while they simultaneously preach intolerance of others?

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    It’s an interesting question as to whether this would pass Charter scrutiny. On one hand is very cleverly framed in terms of “freedom for a parent to educate their child”, thereby avoiding some of the more obvious discrimination arguments. On the other hand, s. 2(a) of the Charter includes not just freedom of religion (also interpreted to mean freedom FROM religion), but also freedom of _conscience_. There is next to zero caselaw on freedom of conscience, but I imagine something like what Alberta is doing would be ripe for testing it.

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    Your work here suggests that you are a hater of a different kind and despite that, you are forgiven. You have been given the gift of life, which could end at any moment, your life is your message and it seems as though when you die, you’d like “the dash” between the dates to remind others of a life spent hating. I suppose that’s your choice and I’m not going to waste any more time on your dumbass.

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