Hitchens: Religion is about power

It’s almost painful to watch his debate opponents debate nonsense. Convenient explanations are obvious proof of God!

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    This is so obvious. EVERY discussion I’ve had with Theostards is just like this one. They ignore the argument of their arbitrary exercise of power over others and insist their book is the source of all with NO proof.
    It is almost a waste of time. But it is either continue the discussions or load the guns to protect yourself. It is amazing they are so frightened

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    I just watched the entire debate this clip’s from.

    I’m confused, really…

    I’m not sure why Hitchens didn’t destroy the weak, unconvincing, and out-of-date ‘proofs’ (or perhaps “arguments”) put forward by Turek. Seriously– anyone who keeps up to date with debates and news regarding religion could point out the obvious flaws in Turek’s several “unanswered” postulations.

    It almost seemed as if Hitchens just wasn’t taking the whole thing seriously and wasn’t interested in debate. More than once, I wanted to shout answers to Turek’s questions!

    Then again, Hitchens might have been doing that on purpose– that is, giving Turek’s outdated assumptions exactly the time they deserve: none.

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    I’m going to see Hitchens in Toronto next month:


    “Join author Christopher Hitchens for an evening of discussion and debate as he analyzes the Bible‚Äôs original Commandments and shares his ideas for a moral code for our own time. What new Commandments will he suggest?”

    We can only imagine!

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