The Good Atheist 055

Welcome to another instalement of the Good Atheist Podcast. This week, we talk about a survey that claims Christians are more likely to support torture, as well as discuss the particulars of Billy Corgan’s religious views. It’s 25 minutes of TGA fun! Remember, if you aren’t yet a member and enjoy the show, please consider becoming a sponsor for access to our Bonus Show!

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    I am glad that you are seeing the obvious connection between eating meat and health issues.

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    I really enjoy the show but I have not got my rss feed for the membership yet. It’s been over 1 hour now and I would like to hear the membership podcast stuff. I’ve been drinking, but I wish I had weed instead. LOL

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    Hi Richard,

    I think Jake has to do it manually. So, it will depend on if he is at his computer and it’s Saturday night :-/ However, even with the wait it’s well worth it. Thanks for becoming a member. I want these guys to keep doing what they are doing.

    If you are really bored there are a lot of great videos here to watch.

    or if you just want to hear Jake and Ryan and happen to like MMA. Try their Fightlinker podcast Low Blow. I believe you also get their membership podcasts for that site too, if you want them, now that you are a member.

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